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I have had the pleasure of working with Cassie Wells for approximately 10 years.  When I first hired, Cassie fresh out of college, I quickly realized what an intelligent, trustworthy, hard worker I had found.  Cassie was originally brought on as a corporate sales person and was later promoted to manage that group.  One of the things that had always been a challenge for my company was business development.  Cassie agreed to lead this initiative and brought on a fulltime employee to assist.  The results over the last couple of years have exceeded my wildest expectations and we now are sitting on a backlog of 31 million in open projects (to put this in perspective my annual quota is 36 million) many of them new customers. The new customers are a direct result of Cassie’s efforts in the area of business development, another of her many skills.

Abe Assad

VP of Sales

What I can honestly say about Cassie Wells of Modern Business Development, is straightforward: She is the kind of CEO that every business wants. Always endeavoring to be two steps ahead, for the sole benefit of her clients - on any project, Cassie is truly customer-centric, always giving 100% of herself to help businesses attain their project goals. I've witnessed her in action as one of her clients. When she worked on our project, she never lost touch with our baseline needs, while remaining friendly, courteous, and professional; even during, some of the more difficult problems she experienced, overseeing our project. I quickly understood why Cassie is a big-picture thinker, remaining accountable, yet focused. Her leadership skills justify why she is the Pro she is: elegant, a tenacious-solution seeker, yet... approachable. If you're looking for a CEO who can take your business to the next level, trust me, look no further than Cassie Wells.

TD White

 IT Business Marketing Consultant

I have been working with Cassie for four months now. She's professional and always quick to respond while also being transparent and down to earth. Not to mention she is so much fun to work with! Highly recommend Cassie and Modern BD!

Andrea Benjamin

Business Owner

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